Complex geometries made out of different ceramic materials

Similar to a 3D printer working with synthetic materials, layerwise slurry deposition (LSD) technology can build up complex geometries with ceramic materials. The ceramic layers are sintered by selective laser sintering (SLS). Tools and Technologies GmbH offers the LSD-SLS System in cooperation with Ceramic Institut Clausthal GmbH.


Just load your 3D model to the machine. The Software will slice the model according to the thickness of the ceramic slurry deposition. The laser will follow the slices’ 2D geometry to sinter the product. Cups and plates can be designed according to individual ideas. The corresponding CAD data is transferred to the machine and a cup or a plate in biscuit fired condition is ready for conventional glazing. Glazed and fired again – and there is the perfect porcelain article. This technology revolutionizes the complex process of conventional porcelain production.

geslicte Tasse3


Advanced ceramic components can be manufactured with extremely complicated geometries. Difficult heat exchanger structures are no problem for the LSD technology.

 WT 1100x830


Following the requirements of our customers we can adapt both, the size of the machine as well as the laser system for almost all ceramic materials and components.

 LSD 100 644x1025


Besides porcelain and sanitary ware, LSD technology can be used for processing ceramic components with complicated shapes from almost all ceramic materials. Diamondlike structures for example from lead free piezoceramics allow completely new considerations with regard to actuators for high tech electronic applications.


Diamondlike structure



Complex shaped SiO2 rotors for homogenizing aggressiv media can be sintered to fully density by LSD-SLS.

Rotor 1096x1102

The density of LSD-laser sintered components is usually higher than 80 % of it's theoretical density. In this biscuit fired condition, porcelain and sanitary ware can be conventionally glazed and decorated. Therefore, no difference can be seen in the appearance of articles manufactured by these different technologies.

Mini lavatory from sanitary ware

Toilette 1024x1025


 Porcelain twin hearts



stoneware jar

 Becher 1100x1042


Glazed and conventionally post sintered LSD porcelain cup

 Porzellantasse 1100x876

Video: Rapid prototyping of ceramics